Thursday, May 26, 2005

Yes, these are bruises from Flirting. I am enlightened.

The first rule of flirt club is: you don't talk about flirting.
The second rule of flirt club is: you don't talk about flirting.
The third rule is: when someone says "I have a boyfriend" or goes limp, the flirt is over.
Fourth rule is: Flirting goes on as long as it has to.

After those I'm getting bored with the whole flirt/fight thing. This week has been DOMINATED with flirting and flirt talk, or at least those stories have been the most interesting elements of my week. And I should say talking about flirting can become flirting in it's own way. For instance Monday not only did I hear tell of a coworker who was nearly raped into a relationship - he's a successful enough dude that people seemingly are trying to hook it up, but he's also older than I am and the women in his circle have the ticking timebomb baby clock action (note to self, there's an action movie premise in there somewhere) - but I had a guy, whom I've seen around a couple of times, proselytize me with the Leykis spiel. "Dating is a percentage game blah blah blah I tell a girl what we're going to do blah blah blah I took three girls home from this location blah blah blah." On top of that another coworker was (and I guess is) having "relationship issues" and complained that she can't flirt (though she does) and still feel good in her relationship, but that's another thing where this person is obviously younger than me and is thinking about marriage vs. their still half full bag of oats to sow. Somehow, and I'm not saying this like it's a bad thing, I'm a magnet for this stuff. As a writer I soak this stuff up like sock.

To a certain extent this all culminated last night at poker, where not only did I win some change, but I talked to a girl for a while who was giving out much of her personal history, covering religion and exes. It seems that she's a Catholic, and only likes dating Catholics. And she's looking for a man. In Hollywood. Who's honest. Good luck to you, lady. Maybe I could hook her her up with the Leykis fan.