Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh, Jesus

I was in Portland for six days. Left Wednesday morning, got in Tuesday morning. Aili picked me up. I was playing with her in the car, to the point that she told me to stop. And she was playing with me. We sent her mom to walk Lee as soon as we got home. She took the day off. We've been listening to Patton Oswalt a lot, so when we finished, and she said "You came in my brain, there's no way I'm not pregnant" I thought it was pretty funny. But she's not been on the pill for a while, so we'll see what happens. We've talked about a second, and now would be the time.

But, seriously, fucking six days, staying at my mom's house, I came home with a loaded gun. Jesus. Tonight might also produce a baby, we shall see. We're both drinking wine at this point.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Also, I'm in Portland

Or have been for the last couple. My brother's leaving for London, so I'm here. There was some talk, but it was decided since Leonard's moving to London, we'll make a round trip of it in the future (that being a year or so). So I'm here, and have been working from Portland for the last week. I leave tomorrow.

We went out dancing last night and a girl gave me her number. Heh.

The DVD Journal stuff

More on the Journal and Samuel Fuller later this week.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Something I did for Myspace that I find funny... Guess the show.

Jerry: Every single time I log in, there's some band or woman trying to add me.
George: So have you added them?
Jerry: I like the MYspace illusion of friendship more. I'd rather it be people that I'm MySpace friends with. It's like a real friendship except without the work. If I look at their blog or profile every once in a while, it's like I know something about them without having to have participated in their life. So when I do see them I can say "Hey, so you dated that girl with one arm who who was a vegan.That must have been interesting."
George: See, Jerry, I add as many as I can so people think that I have more friends. They only look at your top eight.
Jerry: It's like the illusion of popularity.
George: People don't scroll past your top friends if they can help it. Obviously if a chick looks at all of them I'm screwed, but for most people.
Jerry: You look like the king of the party!
George: Exactly, Jerry! It's like, I've discovered a whole new venue to appear important through no effort whatsoever.
Jerry: No effort whatsoever!
George: If someone sees that I have 498 friends they'll think I'm the life of the party.
Jerry: But do you have a slut contingency plan?
George A slut contingency plan?
Jerry: if you get busted.
George: I'll tell them I worked for a short time as an editor in the adult film industry.
Jerry: Brilliant!
George: Brilliant! The Costanza mind knows how to deal with such contingencies.
Jerry: But what about the bands?
George: I worked for the Yankees, as if being a concert promoter is all that far out of reach?
Jerry: You haven't just jerry-rrigged MySpace, you've Gerrycostanza'd it.
George: For this. For this, I am a god of the myspace.
Jerry: So when's your first Myspace date?
George: Well, there's this one girl. She looks cute, but the pictures...
Jerry: Let me guess, all weird angles?
George: But she has REALLY GOOD TASTE.
Jerry: I'm sure that'll make up for it.
George: For what?
Jerry: Certain angles, you may have a secret fatty.
Jerry: You don't know about the secret fatties?