Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Starfuckers, Inc.

So I'm following the Cannes coverage and I saw mentioned made of Miranda July. Miranda and I go way back, probably to about 1998. She used to rent at Movie Madness, where I once resided, and she'd come in now and again. As I understand she has or had a problem with her tear ducts (seriously), because her eyes were often bright red. The first time we met she asked for a movie or movies with waterfalls and the only one I could think of was Happy Together, which wasn't what she needed but surely earned me some cool points. A coworker of mine stared at the check she wrote to rent the film and found out her real last name, amused at violating her privacy. At the time I had no idea who she was, though shortly thereafter Film Comment wrote a glowing piece about her. Miranda didn't have her own account, she was on Calvin Johnson's, and as a K records fan and ex-college radio DJ, I sure as shit knew him. For the next year or two I'd run into Miranda from time to time, at Movie Madness or around Portland. Having breakfast with Calvin at Three Mother's, working on an avid (on her most recent film) at Downstream Media, or just on the street one day when she was wearing a jean's jacket with the faux fleece lining, to which we discussed for a moment or two. She was always friendly, and I think we had a good relationship as aquaintences, in that way where we would have fully formed but usually brief conversations about nothing.