Monday, May 09, 2005

I have an innie

"The TV is both a clock and a calendar. It's your school, your home, your church, your friend... [Dae-su masturbates to a pop star onscreen] and your lover."

If you take out the Dae-su masturbating, and replace TV with computer, that's not so far from my life, and a lot of people I know. Though I still get down the old fashioned way when it comes to sexin' (you know, an auto-erotic asphyxiation closet that's adorned with Punky Brewster and Wilma Darling images) somebody I know once said since 2000 every girl he's slept with he met through the internet. Most of the people I'm close to these days I met through a computer. The job I have right I got through my internet connections. On line, I've written close to a thousand reviews, and at least half of those for a very respectable website, the J, and that may have some real world ramifications. And my relationship with the online world continues to evolve, and there are some work possiblities coming up that have everything to do with the name I've carved out for myself online. With the blog stuff, this place can and may become my clock and calendar, and arguably it's already my church. I have people I know simply through on line stuff, people in different states and countries that I might not be able to pick out of a line up, but people I'd call close friends, and confidants.

So my question is: Why hasn't Cronenberg made a movie out of this phenom yet? Cause eXistenZ didn't go far enough.

Since I'm being a pretentious twit, let me pimp my friend and backhandedly pimp myself:

My friend DK wrote this book, dedicated it to me, and included my reviews of both Bills. I really like the book, so I'm not just saving gravy, if you know what I mean. I mean, I don't know what I mean, but.