Sunday, May 22, 2005

IM with God

Jaweh69: What's up Damon?
Damon: You too busy to call?
Jaweh69: I'm just doing my thing, besides, you're obviously busy with other stuff.
Damon: You see RotS?
Jaweh69: At the Arclight, bitch! Midnight Show!
Damon: And?
Jaweh69: I get what he was trying to do, but I don't think it translates in total.
Damon: Two stars?
Jaweh69: About right. Jesus and I have been getting in huge fights over it. So I don't want to battle with you.
Damon: He lvoes it?
Jaweh69: Yup. It made him cry.
Damon: loves
Damon: LOL.
Jaweh69: You gonna bust an emoticon next?
Damon: :)
Jaweh69: Fucker.
Jaweh69: Seriously, I understand both points of view. I think the film delivers the stuff it needs to.
Damon: Graelessly.
DamonL Gracelessly
Jaweh69: Seriously, Damon, shut up. I'm sick of hearing it.
Damon: Why, what was the report?
Damon: I bet Lot didn't care for it.
Jaweh69: Lot HATED it. Wouldn't shut up. Solomon didn't care, he thought it looked pretty. Moses was tepid on it, but he liked the Bash bashing.
Jaweh69: Bush bashing
Damon: I knew it wouldn't be Lot's bag.
Jaweh69: Well, duh.
Damon: I'm a little surprised about Solomon's reaction, he's a big fan of the first two.
Jaweh69: Yeah, I think he was a little disappointed, but wasn't sure if it was his expectations. He saw it again on Saturday, but he hasn't reported back yet.
Damon: LOL
Jaweh69: :(
Jaweh69: WTF?
Damon: J/K
Jaweh69: TTFN
Damon: I'll stop then.
Jaweh69: Actually I'm going to roll out here shortly, to see RotS again.
Damon: Damn.
Jaweh69: Jesus bought tickets, so I mean, whatever.
Damon: Fair enough. HAve a good one.
Jaweh69: Will do.
Jaweh69: SUCKA!
Damon: Ciao, God.
Jaweh69: Peace, and I'm out!