Saturday, May 07, 2005

With Teeth

God: So Mordecai calls me, drunk again, last night.
Damon: Again?
God: I know. He called me again this afternoon. Drunk.
Damon: God, damnit.
God: He called to tell me that he was too drunk to go to his AA meeting.
God: I know. Anyway, Jesus saw RotS Thursday. He went with John Singleton.
Damon: Yeah, I heard. I heard John loved it.
God: Big time, at one point he hooted and Jesus was totally embarrassed to be sitting next to him.
Damon: As embarrassed as he was watching Shaft?
God: Almost. C'mon, Shaft's not that bad.
Damon: You're wrong, God. You're wrong.
God: Um, last I checked I'm not.
Damon: Do you guys have the DVD around, we can watch it next time I'm over.
God: Actually we don't.
Damon: I mean I'll conceed that Jeffery Wright is phenomenal in that movie, but they had all the elements and fucked it up.
God: I don't really want to watch it again.
Damon: Are you conceeding?
God: Um, maybe a little.
Damon: "It's Egyptian cotton, you fuck."
God: Jesus has been playing the new NIN a lot.
Damon: Thoughts?
God: Eh. He'll never top The Downward Spiral.
Damon: The fragile was like a half hour of a good album spread out over two hours.
God: I liked his Bowie remix, though.
Damon: The guy has skills, but yeah.
God: Jesus starts bumping Trent's stuff, I go in my room and throw on some Oasis.
Damon: You guys are so stuck in the mid ninties.
God: You wanna catch Kingdom of Heaven this weekend?
Damon: Maybe I still have I was a Fugitive From a Chain Gang to get through.
God: Fair enough.
Damon: Tomorrow night might be good, though.
God: Fair enough.