Sunday, May 29, 2005

RotS for the last time, this time

A friend dragged me to it tonight. I watched it again, for free, though, so I got that. It didn't get better. At all. That's not totally true, I kind of enjoy the opening space battle. The ten minutes of it the entire series has. But when it comes to the important stuff, and the last hour or so, it just is not good at all to me. Repetitive and expository dialogue abound. Poorly staged action. Intercutting that seems to exist to cover action, and will cut to parallel action that often neuters the building tension (cutting from the Grevious stuff to Anakin reporting about Palps? Guh). In fact the ending of the film feels more like a stopping point than an ending, and too much seems motivated by the need to get to the next film (Why does Yoda stop fighting the emperor and go into retreat? Why does Padme die? Why are the twins split up? etc. etc.) then any real organic plotting. Blah fricking blickity blah.