Sunday, May 15, 2005

Blog diarrhea

Yahoo has a story up about the seeming anti-Bush agenda of Revenge of the Sith, and this may get focused upon with the film's release, and I'm sure many filmgoers will read the sections in question as an anti-Bush message. Lucas is from the hippie generation, and one could say he's a Hollywood liberal. You could say that. The question becomes: Will Fox News make fun of this about the film, or will they shy away from it in deference to the fact that that their parent company is Fox?

Also of note: the Blog spell checker (which I should probably use more frequently) doesn't include the word Blog. Is this ironic? The East German judge says yes, but he's now getting into it with the Swedish judge, and I'm not talking fist fights. Full on Judge on Judge action, actually. Ew, that guy's sixty and East Germany doesn't even really exist any more.