Friday, June 24, 2005

Notes from my life

I think one of the things I wish to store here, if this place has any permanence, which it probably doesn't are notes and observations from my life. Moments. Moments I might forget otherwise. Here are two:

1) Last night I was chatting up some ladies. I was not particularly impressed with them, though they were cute. I was flirting to flirt, a pastime honorable, if not admirable. As the girls left one said to me "You don't have any tattoos do you?" I was shocked and immediately impressed. "No, and you?" "Of course not." In response, my voice lowered (dare I say hushed) and conspiratorial. I have to admit... It excited me.

2) Tonight I said to some friends I had "Princess parking." They were baffled, for me, perhaps as a former Portland resident, it was old hat, a common euphemism. I guess not in LA.

BTW, I saw Land of the Dead tonight and I thought it kicked major ass. It's Romero's western Zombie opus, and though it suffers from a lower budget, which plays more in its locations than anything else, I fucking loved it, Big Daddy notwithstanding. I guess if I'm going to make exceptions for a movie (and I guess there are certain caveats to make) I'd rather do it for someone with a vision and an idea than someone with a budget and no imagination.