Saturday, June 11, 2005

The guiltiest part of watching old movies...

I was watching Dark Victory last night, cause I'm reviewing it this week, and man, did I want to jump Geraldine Fitzgerald's bones in that. Of course, Geraldine's old enough to be my great grandmother now. But there's all the older women in these movies that drive me fucking nuts, some still alive , others long since gone. Jane Russell, Colleen Gray, Ann-Margret, Jennifer Jones, Joan Fontaine (oh, my god, I would have... Never had the chance to talk to her, but that's that), Joan Blondell, Franacoise Dorleac, etc. etc.

And I guess this is marginally better than lusting over my contemporaries, but only marginally. But after you hit 25 you realize that most playmates of the month are younger than you now, and that reading Playboy is really for adolescent boys anyway.