Monday, June 06, 2005

No Offense, Brett Ratner

But here's the thing. What summer superhero movies have worked? The Spidey Films, The X-men films. What hasn't? Pretty much everything else (Hulk notwithstanding). What has worked is passionate directors with a strong take on the material. If Batman Begins works, and The Fantastic Four doesn't, more evidence. Hollywood is running out of blockbusters and franchises, and giving the keys to a director who's well known for talking on his phone before during and after a take is a sign that Fox is more worried about hitting a release date (like they did with Alien3 and Fantastic Four) then nuturing a viable franchise, especially with the shoot set to begin in two months. It's one thing to bag on a company for making crass business deicisions based on greed, but it feels worse to try and advise them in making obviously business decisions. The one caveat is if Ratner has a real take. Prove me wrong, Brett Ratner. Prove me wrong.