Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Just when I think I'm out

I have to do draft #14 on this circumcision piece for Jail Babes magazine. So my evening plans are going to revolve around more research and maybe some Angel Dust. Who knew it would take so much work? Otherwise, I'm doing all right, I'm thinking about catching War of the Worlds soon, but I just can't work up much enthusiasm after some of the tepid reviews from reviewers I trust. I'm taking a little break now to both calm down and rev up, but then it's back into the warzone. SEXY. Larry Flynt today told me after reading my piece that I'd have a future in his company, and that maybe next issue I could write the captions. I've been working on it:

"...But Jessica wasn't prepared for this kind of cavity search!"

"'I've hid the drugs where I think you can find them.'"

"...At this prison, you had to eat three times a day to keep Big Desiree happy..."

"...It looks like she's going to need to be restrained..."

"...Wow, that's her whole foot..."

"...her life was worth half a pack of Kools, a toothbrush, and a vibrator..."

"... It gave 'Lights out' a whole new meaning for Shauna..."

"...She had a quiet way about her..."

"... She preferred syrup..."