Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Sketch From the Burbank Airport on a flight back to Portland

Me (internal): That's Rob Schnieder waiting for his flight... What's he doing with a jug of... cider? Is that cider? Could it be urine? I'm looking around and he looks up to look at me and then looks down I see someone I work near... Fuck it, I'm not talking to them I don't really know em anyway... Rob Schnieder Making Copies... Set your clock back... Wearing a fedora and a scarf... GAY... The Animal Fuck the Animal, that shit was horrible and the Deuce Bigalow films? I mean seriously The Hot Chick? But Knock Off.... Oh fucking Knock Off should I go over tell him that I love, absolutely love Knock Off? Will he think I'm a fucking nuts for loving that film? Should I tell him I saw it five times in the theaters? Will he think I'm making fun of him? Of course you're not going to say anything FUCKING KNOCK OFF! Knock Off "no one would work with you Ray, you're the king of knock off's!" (Van Damme accent) "But you're still a fake to me." "Only the one's with Sean Connery, Moneypenny." "MOVE IT, YOU GOTTA WANT IT." I'm not going to say shit huge fan of Knock Off "I thought Tang was a beverage." Jesus, I wanna watch Knock Off I hope I make my flight Rob Schneider, Burbank airport, KNOCK OFF! Knock Off. I'm convinced that this is really not my song, I bought it in Hong Kong... It's a Knock Off. You're not going to say anything. Nope.