Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A bit of a fight

I got in to Aili's after work. Things were going well. She was superconcerned about my cat scratches, and was being almost excesively mothering. Aili has about fifteen movies in her DVD collection, including Dirty Dancing (which I kinda like) and Garden State. And I said "Well, I'm all up for the cuddling, just don't make me watch Garden State again." Targeting system, now armed.

"Hey, I don't even get what women could get out of that movie." With that Fat Man and Little Boy were deployed (and I didn't even pick on her copy of Amelie). I'll admit that was rude. But here's the thing, I know in my heart of hearts what this is about. It's about two things. One is that I am something of a ruthless tastemaster. The second part of that is that I love something she cannot and probably shouldn't love at the level I do. When I question her taste in film, it's kind of like I'm judging her. But I'm not, but we're still so fresh that I get it. And again I get railed on for being passive agressive, when I thought I was just being frank. So I'm at home watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force (and no, that's not a euphamism).

Here's me acknowledging my faults. I don't have a lot of power and control in this relationship. Was I hitting her buttons in a passive agressive way? Was I trying to exert some Alpha male where I could? What would Freud say? He would say I was trying to run herover, that's why he's a genius.

Fingers crossed for hot make up sex.