Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My wife has garbage farts

I woke up at three this morning, and smelled a smell that I doubted could have originated from a human being. And then I hear the sound of a lazy sleepy fart. And it wasn't me, and then, man, whoo I smelt that shit and giggled myself back to sleep after trying to fan the sheets as much as possible without waking Aili.

Since I've been ill, Aili has suggested I crash at her place after I get off work. And since I opened this door, it's only fair I should close it. Here's the last update on this: the sex has been irregular. But there was more, and it wasn't as awkward (frankly, even though I had no staying power, I could feel the tension just drain out of me, so I can't say it was bad sex for me, as much as it was rabbit quick). It's still weird, though. And not in a creepy/exciting way. There's other things, but I should remember to not be as honest on this here blog about our sex life. Maybe someday she'll google my name and find this.