Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bro's before Ho's, man!

Damon: What's shakin?
God: Damn.
Damon: What?
God: I haven't heard from your faggot ass since the bachelor party.
Damon: That was a bachelor party?
God: Duh.
Damon: And how you doin' Chewbacca?
God: Still hanging around this loser?
Damon: I'm fucking tired.
God: Damn right.
Damon: How you been?
God: Busy as always.
Damon: How was Munich?
God: I liked it.
Damon: Oh, snap, my brithday wishes for your boy.
God: You get him anything?
Damon: I'm going to Portland tomorrow, I'll get him something there.
God: Smooth. How you been?
Damon: Recovering from Aili's office party.
God: How'd that go?
Damon: First off, she told me to restrain myself. Which I get, I say some wild shit from time to time....
God: Dog?
Damon:No, I know, but it's not like I don't know enviornments. Also since her coworkers don't know, I had to play boyfriend.
God: Good set up, how was the evening?
Damon: Eh. I had to drive, so I couldn't drink, which is probably for the best.
God: And then...
Damon: It went okay. I stuck with Aili for most of it, but made small talk near the vegetable dip. The big thing was one of her coworkers had a couple and sort of pulled me aside telling me how lucky I was.
God: I know you didn't punch him.
Damon: It got to that weird zone where he was crossing my boundaries.
God: Certain things a man shouldn't say to another man. Speaking of, you know who one of my favorite bands are? The Minutemen.
Damon: Fuck you.
God: So I haven't seen you in over a month?
Damon: New Year's eve?
God: For sure.
Damon: I'm back Monday, ifyou've got some time.
God But what about Aili?
Damon: Okay, I'm sorry it's been a while. Cool?
God: Yeah but you've been slipping and tripping.
Damon: Don't I know it.
God: All right. Peace!
Damon: Peace.