Tuesday, December 20, 2005

All my favorite Questions have no answers

I was watching The 40-Year-Old Virgin this weekend, and there's acouple of female anal jokes in it. And it seems that heterosexual anal sex has hit a crossover point. I mean, not like people are going to talk about doing it on Oprah (or maybe....) but ten years ago I don't think it came up as often. And that it does in the film to laughs (butthole pleasures, Elizabeth Banks character) seems to say something, but nothing scientific

This sort of thing also ties into my theory that internet time is collapsing. The Shining, The Chronic(what) cles of Narnia, these zipped around in record time. Literally in the case of the SNL sketch, which has already saturation point four days after its airdate. Granted this shit is hilarious, but it seems the world has it down to a science. I say that mostly because I'vestumbled across the mention in four different places. Which ties into my curiousity if some friends of mine were really patient zero when it came to the Snakes on a Plane phenomenon, or ahead of the curve. I wish that thing we did had a site meter at the time, damn...

And I wonder if Aili cares about me, and could ever love me at this point.