Thursday, December 29, 2005

I had lunch with myself today

Guess who showed up at the office today? I did. Not me, me, but I guess my doppleganger. Who said we should go for a long lunch at the nearby Quizno's. People at work asked if I had a twin staying with me for the holidays, and I said yes. He was also wearing the jacket I got in Portland, so I was all nervous when I got home (it was there). He told me I should drive so I did.
Me: So?
Me (2): yeah?
Me: How does this work?
Me (2): I don't know.
Me: Where do you work?
Me (2): Here.
Me: Can I go home early?
Me (2): I don't know.
Surprisingly enough we had a lot to talk about when things settled down.
Me (2): You know what I've been thinking about lately?
Me: Pretty sure, but what?
Me (2): If I ever get famous, and someone asks me why I wanted to get famous I'm going to say "to get hot chicks."
Me: Because saying you're doing it because you believe in your art is so pretentious?
Me (2): And saying it's for the money is uncouth.
Me: Making pussy the only option that sounds halfway noble.
Me (2): Pretty much. I mean, I like what I... we write, I'm just saying.
Me: If we made out, would that be gay?
Me (2): Pretty gay.
Me: But a circle jerk, that'd be like masturbation plus, right?
Me (2): You're just saying that so you can write it up on your blog.
Me: My blog?
Me (2): Who gets the possesory credit here?
Me: Not sure.
Me (2): I was thinking about Kristen today
Me: The girl in college who loved Peckinpah and Russ Meyer?
Me (2): Yeah. We're sure to get some Peckinpah's in the next week, so it made me think of Stanley Kramer, cause she liked Judgement at Nurenberg.
Me: Who knew thinking of Stanley Kramer could get someone excited?
Me (2): I know.
Me: Hey Aili, want to throw on On The Beach and make out?
It went from there, I went back to work, and he ended up flirting with a girl for a while. I never knew I could be jealous of myself.