Monday, July 18, 2005

SDCC Part IV: Ran and Fractured Kidney

Saturday began as a total waste. The big room was decidedly full, and I wandered around looking first for food and then for friends. I made contact with David Walker (of Badazz Mofo fame) and planned to hang out. I walked around the floor thinking it might be fun to wear a shirt saying "The Make Out Professional," riffing on an idea from Dinosaur comics ( and finally found David. We hung for a bit as he made the rounds with Jim Mahfood and Reggie Hudlin. This came to end when he took off, and I ran into some other buds, who had just had a mini-epic sleb encounter. We ran around, ending up at some bar, where we met with other friendlies, and from there we got to the Bruce Campbell party, which also had free drinks. This was cut short by another rendezous for dinner, where I hung with a bunch of people I mostly didn't know and talked up shit. Had a great time, though it was an expensive dinner all things. The thing about a con is that four days into the mess you're beat as all get out, but you feel like, especially Saturday, that you have to live it up. So we did by staying out until 3:30 again, but it was mellower for me. I didn't really even feel like talking, but I felt like I should be out. I didn't attend any of the panels that day, and was getting tired of everything. My legs had already begun aching (as they are want, you walk the shit out of everything at the Con), but there were two Lisa's we were hanging with and that was cool, and it was great hanging with one as I hadn't really seen her since the last Con I attended two years ago. She's a great human being, and I wish I had more chances to spend time with her, but it's one of those things where the con allows me the chance to hang with people from all over the world who are cut off from their daily lifestyles and are up for having fun. I have friends - from Boston, From Georgia, from New York, from Australia, from Texas, from Los Angeles, from Portland - that I know will probably be there, and it's pretty sweet like that. On the walk home from our epic hang out Piff Daddy and I tried to call a cab, but the son of a bitch told us our destination was a couple blocks away. Bastard. We got home at four, and got up at eightish, nineish. BASTARD.

Highlights of this day included seeing a slave Leia girl who obviously couldn't be wearing underwear, and hanging with Jimmy a bit after the night before, which should become a euphemism. Meeting Lincoln and Summer was also fun.