Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Fantastic Four... Is it too obvious to make a joke on the fantastic?

I have been busting ass at work for the last couple weeks, going from a story on circumcision, to another long form story for Jail Babes on different dildo varieties (the management seems to be happy with my work... Larry Flynt said recently "I'd masturbate to that if my junk worked"), so with my free ticket from the Man on Fire SE, I decided I needed a break from my shit, espesh since I came home to writing a disc up for the J as a DOW (Disc Of the Week for those not in the know), which I did this morning, and before picking a friend up from the airport, so I saw Fantastic Four, while also working on another project.

Okay. It's not great. It's mostly mediocre. But... Michael Chiklis has a moment in the beginning where he looks at outer space and I bought it. And the film never bored me. I know peeps who thought the film was kinda dull, but I was never bored. I also got a kick out of the extreme sports stuff, it was nice to see the film be transgresive to the fanboys. The film isn't great or anything like that, but as two hours of film, I didn't mind it. And there are a couple of moments that are pretty good: Dr. Doom kills a guy in a scene that seems lifted from a splatter film, and Chris Evans is fun. The film suffers from Jessica Alba being an unwilling suspension of disbelief (serious, she'd work if she got naked in the film, otherwise...), and I was thinking Linda Cardenelli would have been a better fit in the age range, but all things considered (though the third act stinks), they did do one thing absolutely right: they focused on the heroes and not the villains. I don't think I ever want to see the film again, but it reminds me of Men In Black II - it's not much of a movie, but it didn't hurt to watch, and it was kinda enjoyable.