Monday, July 25, 2005

College teaches you so much

Tomorrow is going to be a heavy writing day. You learn how to prioritize what needs doing in college. Today was a wasted day in some respects, though I got a lot done in others. I may also be going to Portland this week, but I have a story due, and some works needs to get done on another commisioned project, though I feel like I can sit down and get some good stuff done on that. But it's in college where you learn the value of deadlines and how to ride them. Deadlines become fetishistic in their way as each offers its own pleasures and pains. The rush of not having what you need until hours or minutes beforehand. The studied stall.

On top of that I think I finally got the feel of my next solo venture, which is going to be known as The Basics. I know how it starts, I have the right feel. I'm at that point, a point I love where it's going to be working in the back of brain for a while, rolling around as if in a snifter. Hopefully this one won't take three years to emerge.