Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"I'd also like the story to have a happy ending, but I don't know how to write it..."

2046 for the third viewing. This may be my favorite meta-film, moreso than something like Adaptation. There's the levels that 2046 works that are so appealing to me, the artist commenting on his art, and how art unfurls, and how the unconcscious directs the grace notes. I can see how people hate it, it's WKW making a WKW film, and there's that whole other movie that keeps popping up, and if you know the production history its insertion seems jarring, but now, fucking now, god damn I'm in love with this film. I can't wait for SPC to release the DVD so I get to write about it at length for the J, if I get it (which I will fight for). The film works as a commentary on art, on the wounded male psyche, and on regret. And it keeps getting better and better. Wow. I love this film.