Sunday, July 17, 2005

Manufactured Whimsy: The SDCC Comic Con report

Aight, here's how it broke down. We left noonish after I picked up Other D coming with us, and stopped at Del Taco, A San Diego tradition for me. We finally got there around fourish, and checked in, then headed over to the Con. Like numerous times after we cabbed the ten blocks, knowing that our feet would be killing us shortly. OD was there as press, and it pointed out that I could have gone as press and gone for free, but alas. I waited with him, as others in my gang waited for their special badges. Then we did the floor walk. There was nothing that jumped out at me, but then again, I'm not a comic dude to begin with. We did dinner nearby, and then revved off to another club, the Blarney Stone where I ended up three days in a row. I hung mostly with the coworkers, and then we got a call to go to another club. We thought it might be close, but it wasn't, and there was some confusion: there were two clubs, one on one side of the street, which played goth music including Danny Elfman score selections, and then the hipper bar. I was down with the hipper bar but they wouldn't let half my group in for wearing shorts. They ended up bailing before I could rally the troops, so I was stuck there for a bit, but dancing and gratuitous nudity more than made up for it (half naked okay, shorts not). I love to dance, and I love tits, so there you go.

As the club is closing up, OD makes friends with a man who quickly became known as the Gaisian. He was fucked on E, and had just broke up with his boyfriend, and showed most of my group video of his boyfriend jerking off. He also promised us similar drugs if we to go to his afterparty. There's also a crazy girl who flashes us, promises free pussy and says she got cock blocked by a guy with Cilantro pussy. Ladies and Gentlemen of the court, I could not make this up. Half of the remaining party isn't down with more, but OD and I decide to make a night of it, and go to the Gaisian's. There most of the straight men end up hitting on the crazy girl, who I am able to single out, and am working some mojo when her husband comes up, and keeps coming up. I don't know how that works. She then bails, and leaves shouting the her husband is going to fuck her in the ass. Couldn't make it up, swears I couldn't. WE hang for a bit, but the lack of better drugs for OD, and the cheap beers makes an "early" (read 3:30 am) night and easy call. We head back to the hotel, and cram in with the other guys we're staying with.

The fun, it has just begun.

SNEAK PREVIEW of THURSDAY: Drinking, hugging, old friends.