Tuesday, July 19, 2005

SDCC: Episode V: The anti-climax

Sunday was an early morning, considering. We got up and got all our stuff in order. One of our party had a noon meeting, but otherwise the gameplan was to get out at one. Then Puff Daddy got a call from some friends in town, and one became two, and two became 3:15. Wandering around, I kept running into people I knew, people I had in some cases come to the con to see, others I had bumped into on my trevails. I tried scoring an Old Boy T shirt, but no dice. I mostly came that day to just wait around, but in my absolutely drained state I slogged through, bouncing around while still trying to keep walking, which was just getting to be painful after five full days of feet pounding, and eighteen to nineteen hours days. We hit the road around fourish, and I fell unconcscious in the back seat for about an hour. Traffic was horrible, so we stopped at a Jack in the Box and just ordered drive-thru. I finally got home at around eight, collapsing onto my sofa, finding a cat who wasn't particularly happy with me for my extended absence. I then drew up my computer, and spent a couple hours playing catch up with the world, as I listened to the Cry Baby commentary. Yesterday was spent cleaning house and running errands. You almost need a vacation from your vacations.