Saturday, July 09, 2005

Are you there God? It's me Damon.

God: What it is my foxy Houxy.
Damon: I'm awake. I got that going for me.
God: Caddyshack references 25 years after the fact?
Damon: I'm still waiting for "Exxxxcuse me!" to make a comeback.
God: Aren't you though.
Damon: So how are you?
God: You know, same old same old, went with the boys to a gentleman's club last night.
Damon: With Mordecai?
God: Yeah, dude's gotten religious about not drinking. He's really good. Unfortunately he's been on Lot about his problem. Oh, though now he smokes a lot more weed. But he's not an alcoholic.
Damon: Heh.
God: I heard you've been slammed lately.
Damon: Fucking like a motherfucker, yeah. Work's been kicking my ass. I go home tired. I'm also trying to cut down my caffeine, since I drink at least six Diet Pepsi's a day.
God: You picked a bad time to stop sniffing glue.
Damon: Twenty five years after the fact?
God: On topic, Damon.
Damon: But the worst was yesterday, me and some coworkers went to a nice Italian restaurant, and it kicked all our asses, and then dealing with lack of caffeine, lemme tell you I was passing out. But after work we went out for some Sushi and drinks.
God: How'd that go?
Damon: Fine. When you're with coworkers, you want to get the buzz going but not a full intoxication, if you know what I mean.
God: For sure.
Damon: And then of course, this town and driving.
God: You are being so felt.
Damon: So after Sushi we go to a bar, and some other people we work with are at the bar, and the cute girl from the elevator story was there.
God: The one who farted?
Damon: No, the other elevator story. The one I was like "God Damn." about.
God: You want me to damn her?
Damon: No.
God: You want me to hook that up?
Damon: Nah, dog, I got it if I'm getting it. But it was funny to try and bust a mack in front of my boss and coworker. She was not in a position for me to get a lot of talking done when we came inside, and it seems she was with a guy.
God: Pressure's on.
Damon: But she remembered me from the elevator, so I got that.
God: Pussy.
Damon: Dog, I wasn't going to call my shot in front of coworkers, damn.
God: So what you're saying is that you're a sopping wet vagina.
Damon: You gonna drop it?
God: No.
Damon: The best part was that I was walking back to my car, and I was lost in thought. I don't know the Valley all that well, so I ended up walking about ten blocks past my car, though I must admit the walk helped sober me up a bit. And I ran into someone I know while walking. I guess that's the sort of guy I am.
God: It's a strange world.
Damon: ....
God: What's the gameplan for you this weekend?
Damon:Thinking about Fantastic Four.
God: I wouldn't go if I were you.
Damon: Fair enough. Like I said, thinking. And I got a friend coming in from out of town tonight.
God: Rock on with your bad self.
Damon: I will. And you?
God: Maybe War of the Worlds. I'm thinking about it.
Damon: Eh. I should catch it in the next week or so.
God: Luck to that.
Damon: Indeed.
God: Peace out.
Damon: PEACE.