Thursday, February 08, 2007

The New Game

I go do something. My wife reads my blog. She then tells me what she thinks. Basically I have two rules about my blog. Rule one is not to piss her off, the second is to not talk about my kid too much. As a parent, all I want to do is talk about my kid. My son. I spend an hour or two daily just making faces at him. An hour. Or two. A day. I still get chills when he grabs my fingers, and I feel like I've got diaper changing down. Which is good cause the wife's going to heading back to her day job, basically the day after my birthday. We already do practice runs of my days. When people call, it's always about 80% babytalk. They could call to tell me they just got fired, 80% babytalk. They could call to tell me my house is on fire, 80% babytalk. Then again, at this age, what else is there for us to do but look after him. And I watch movies with him. But as I write reviews I could do the review I write that pretendsto be objective, and then what amounts to the now Pavlovian attachment I have to certain films. Lee (as he got nicknamed in Finland) hated, absolutely couldn't stand Symbiopsychotaxiplasm. Now... I gave the film a mixed review. Did I view it objectively objectively? But he loves the Bond movies. don't get it. Even Tomorrow Never Dies. Slept through Science of Sleep (which counts as a good, sorta).

See my point? But anyway, my wife reads my blog now all the time. She prods me when I don't update. She loves reading it. She likes it more than the last two scripts I wrote. And so you may have noticed some things I've posted about our sex life, and shit like that. Honestly, I should say this cause it's only fair to my other readers, that most of that has been code for her.

This morning, I go out to get a light walk in, and grab the one liter or Diet Pepsi that I allow myself, and I come back and she fucking jumps on me. I knew she read it. Then she basically said that the reason our relationship worked is cause she juked me into marrying her. That she knew the only way to get our relationship to work was to marry me first and make me desperate crazy about her. I call bullshit, but it's crazy flattering. Now that she's down in weight she loves jumping on me. She gets mad if I grunt too much. I will avoid another part of our relationship that I have alluded to recently, but those who have called, thanks.