Monday, February 05, 2007

Home again

I took some Tylenol PM before the flight. I hadn't slept more than four hours straight since we left, and so it was awesome taking it, and getting about thirty minutes of druginess. I was quite obviously high as a kite. Aili can't stand flying so she was on baby duty, and she knew I needed the rest. So I took some before we boarded, and barely stayed awake during take off. After that I don't remember anything until we landed. It was Superbowl Sunday today, yeah, so I guess I should say that Swan was pretty heroic for giving us a lift home from LAX. But, all things, he owes me, and the traffic wasn't bad at all. I owe you guys a shitload of Journal links, so I'll do that tomorrow or something. The best part about landing and getting home was that once I got in the house, I took a heroic shit. It was epic.

Aili's dad died. He died Friday. There are some things I get to put on here, and some things I don't. You don't get to know about this, though. Aili's given me a list of things I don't get to put on here, and the last couple days with her father were number two behind anal play. I can tell you that she's masturbated while reading my blog, and that might get me read the riot act when she reads this, but because I have friends who also peruse this site, there are certain discussions she'd rather bring up herself or keep to ourselves, and I respect that. Here's what I can say: unless I decide to beat her, or put my dick in someone else (or she decides to beat me or fuck someone else), I doubt we'll get divorced, and I hope that when I die, I do it as well as he did, and as surrounded by people who love me.