Saturday, February 10, 2007

Going faster miles an hour... Gonna ride by the Stop-n-Shop ... With the radio on

I have little to no right acting the music snob. I like Liz Phair (though, honestly, being a fan of hers was sexually rewarding several times over in my bachelor days... I dated a stripper because of her, true story) and Journey, unironically.

But I could really give a shit about The Police. And them reuniting. I think I like Sting's solo career a little better, but they strike me as radio music. I don't think I'd turn the channel, but buying a box set or a CD seems ridiculous. It's sorta like U2, though there are a couple of songs of theirs I think are pretty good (and at least one is used brilliantly in FEARLESS). Maybe it's because both Sting and Bono have become such incredible wankers. I'm thoroughly embarrassed that Deborah Harry reunited with Blondie, but I get it. I get the Sex Pistols reunion (though they have about four songs, tops). I get The Pixies reunion. Maybe it's just because I've never felt alot of ownership of their music, or U2, or Led Zepplin or Pink Floyd, even if I've owned a couple of their CD's at one point or another.

Then again, The Police are reuniting on The Grammies. That's like sucking to the third power.