Saturday, February 17, 2007

My wife and Britney Spears

Hey blog, I'm gaying you up again. Me and the wife have a long standing feud about Spears. I tend to defend her a little, but everything about her behavior for as long as we have been married has riled Aili. I mean, my wife hates Tina Fey, but I get that, I have a mad crush on Fey, and the way she shit-talks her makes it apparent that she's Capital J jealous of her. As HL Mencken once said "a misogynist is a man who hates women as much as women hate each other." Or at least that's my theory about her hate, it's totally an alpha female thing. It's funny cause wife's not really a nerdy girl. Though she does wear contacts (there's talk of lasik) and since we've been really together, she'll wear the glasses more, cause... well, yeah, I like having sex with girls who wear glasses. If the glasses are cute.

But the photos of Spears driving with the baby wrong, and all that shit, has sent my wife into an apolacyptic rages. And that I understood. Now Spears has gone and shaved her head, and when my wife saw that, she described Spears as a really really dumb cunt. Unfortunately this is partly because my wife has had to work with her at the office. But when I saw those pictures of Spears with a shaved head, my reaction was sadness. She's a deeply fucked up young woman, whose grotesque access to illegal drugs, and having (or having had) a lot of money has obviously been ruinous. I just feel bad for her at this point. She's lost whatever mind she had. Then again, the flip side of this is that she might have been working at a KFC until her meth habit caught up with her. She was never going to cure cancer.

Lindsay Lohan, that hate from the wife I get, and when you read about her supposedly doing threesomes... again, after Mean Girls, you figured she had a brain in her body. It's not so much player-hatin' there.