Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Ideology of Writing

Dear Internet,

Hey you. How you doin'? I think it's totally great that you've given a voice to everyone who can fumble around a keyboard. And I think it's great that spell check has become so readily available. And I don't expect everyone who posts to actually have a point, or be coherent, or whatever. But I just read some really bad writing. And hey, I've done some really bad writing (wink wink), I mean I've been online, writing, for almost a decade now. But could I pass this along? You, the collective but not specific You, should have a point if you're going to construct an essay. You build ideas into units. Or you go about scatter-shot making observations, but in a similar vein of thought in the attempt to illuminate. Perhaps your ideas are unfocused, hey that's cool. But every paragraph tells a story. Spice up your words choices. Don't be afraid of using that thesaurus. Something Bobby always taught me: write like you're talking to your friends. Hey, maybe you're just a bad storyteller. Maybe you're not the life of the party. That's cool, that's cool. But maybe this whole blog, internet writing thing, maybe it's a bad idea, yeah?
Just saying, maybe it's not for everyone. I can't be that decider, but let it be known, the price of democracy is stomaching crap.