Friday, January 26, 2007

This is Radio Clash

I'm finally getting adjusted to London time. Fucking hell. I can't shit right, I fart a lot, I don't sleep more than three or four hours in a row. We're here visiting Aili's sister. Her place is small, but we're doing okay. I feel bad about flying Leonard over, but such is life. We've done some sight seeing, but with Leonard so young, and London so cold, it generally means that one of us gets to go out.

Tomorrow we leave for Finland. It turns out that Aili's family knows the Kaurismaki brothers Aki and Mika. If they're around we may hang out with them. Very cool. I have been working on this trip. But I'm getting punchy. We'll be in Finland for a week, and I've got DVD's I said I'd write up for the J while I'm here, and the kid, and it's my first time in London, and I'm going to do most of sight seeing today. "Hey where was An American Werewolf in London filmed?" "Piccadilly Circus."
"I want to check that shit out, then."

That's, hopefully what today has in store, though everything is hella expensive, and it's been snowing. But we have to get out of London tomorrow before the strike kicks in (which starts next week).