Saturday, January 27, 2007


The 4 am flight yesterday was deadly, but that's noon LA time. We're in now, been in for a day and a half. Thankfully her parents have wireless. I guess they spend all day emailing their daughter. Which I've only been partly aware of this until now. Still kinda bummed about meeting the Hot Fuzzers. I guess the truth is you want them to know you're a fan, and that you're cool. I'm sure I got the former across.

I should probably be more concerned about meeting my in-laws. That has been awkward so far, but I'm the walking dead right now with jet lag. I've spoken to them on the phone, and they've gotten tons of photos of us. Here's the thing I didn't want to talk about. Her dad is ill. Bad. This is it. He's got the cancer in the lungs. He's down to one and it doesn't look good. We saw him yesterday. There was a lot of crying. That's what this is about. Why we're here. Not exactly the best way to meet the in-laws. Her mom, Kaisa, has been great but doesn't speak English and dad Eikki speaks very little English ("I hear you want to make movies!" "Yes." "Good town for it." "Yes, that's why I moved there.""Huh?" Aili translates."Very good!") That leaves some issues off of me. Still, it's a very grave visit,that Leonard can only slightly counterbalance. Lot of crying.
And I still can't sleep, and I still can't shit right. The food here is eh. I've been dealt some okay Finnish food at home, but it tends to be (to me) bland. Less spices it seems. Sort of like Russian cuisine. So far (one day in) more fish than beef.