Saturday, January 06, 2007

Best of the year 06

So far it's:
1) United 93
2) The Host
3) Little Children
4) Miami Vice
5) Brick
6) Inside Man/ When the Levees Broke
7) The Black Dahlia
8) Down in the Valley
9) The Departed
10) Borat (partly for sentimental reasons)

Best movie (period) released in America in 2006:Army of Shadows

I have a neighbor here in the academy. He lent me Little Children. Then we talked about it, and I think I may have helped him vote (!!!) He said he'd have no problem lending me some discs of stuff when he gets it. I also borrowed Babel, which we watched and thought was okay. Just okay. He has WTC, I dunno if I could care enough to watch it. There's some others, and I guess he got the Universal shipment, so Good Shepherd and possibly Children of Men is likely. I picked up Black Dahlia, watched it again and fell in love with it. I got it.

I've been thinking about Superman Returns a bit lately, and I'm starting to feel that it's one fo the worst films ever made. Mostly because if I was six years old and saw that film I'd hate it. And as much as I've enjoyed the comic book resurge, I think some of these films are forgetting who the target audience is, and that maybe some of these films should be filled with awe and shit. I may watch it again when I have the spare time which means never.