Monday, January 29, 2007

Children of Men

Bought this in London, wow. What a masterpiece. Don't know where it shakes on my list, but top five for sure. Kind of a strange movie to watch under the circumstances.

I got into an argument with my Brother in Law about it (he's been by a lot. Which leads to even more drama, they have not entirely accepted the whole fact that he's gay.) He likes Brazil more, and I think this is the better movie. He was saying how depressing and close to reality he found it, and I guess I find Brazil way more depressing. Brazil is a "You can't take that away from me." film, as the ending is a minor triumph in the face of oppression. But I find the ending very much a hippie dippy escape from Orwell. CoM I find infinitely more hopeful as it's about finding value in life. It's a film, rather literally about birth, about renewal. It's the work of a father. Brazil strikes me as the work of an egoist. Which all works of art are, but maybe a little moreso here. I've got to work on articulating this.

That though was only major London purchase. The exchange rate is 2.2and some other numbers. Originally we were supposed to be gone by now, but we threw in London, partly for Aili's sister, partly so it wouldn't be all depression. We're here until Sunday. I mean, this is it. There's already been the discussion, and we're not coming back for the funeral. He can't walk anymore, he's at the hospital, and I know part of him is just ready. I think he held out to see us, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's soon. Aili's brother Mika (as I found out named after the director, who I guess is coming over for dinner tomorrow) has been going to the hospital too a lot. They've been trying to talk civilly. We're coming in in a bit. Yesterday he told me about how he saw Three to Tango, this useless Matt Perry Neve Campbell film. I couldn't help worrying that might be the last movie he ever sees. But then, what do I show him? Rules of the Game? A Prairie Home Companion? Dunno.