Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ralph's, Rock and Roll

I was on Sunset on Monday, and I couldn't not reflect on something that happened a couple months back. I was visiting a friend, and wanted to get some beers before I went home. I grabbed a sixer of Newcastle and a sixer of Grolsch, not sure what would wet my whistle before I got home, and looking at a weekend of reviewing. I also grabbed some diet Pepsi, as is my want. I then started looking for some food for the next day. While in the aisle, I hear a woman getting in a fight on her cell phone, saying she doesn't want to go see The New Pornographers with some guy because he knows what he'll think. She hits the freezer door as she hangs up.

I couldn't help myself: "Too bad about the show, they're great live." She looked at me, shook her head and laughed. "I'm getting hit on by Phillip Seymour Hoffman at Ralph's. Great." that sort of brokethe ice as I waxed on a bitabout how I'm not PSH and how I love the New Pron. "A coworker. I don't date coworkers. It always ends bad." I couldn't help but ask about her accent. Somehow the conversation turned to Cronenberg, and I told her how excited I was to see A History of Violence. I shocked myself by exchanging digits. And so it began.