Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 - the end of impartiality

As I reflect, that's the biggest change. I know people now almost too well to sayI don't have biases born of friendships. 2005 was a fairly decent year, too, did lots of crazy stuff, though the winner in that category is still getting married. For that last night was a fucking blast. Aili let me drive, and she got all girl drink drunk with my friends, and for the first time I got the sense that she was relaxed around my friends - hell, she's normally not that relaxed around me. We got home around three and had drinks until the sun came out on a very cloudy morning. Aili's decided to quit smoking, and we sat on her deck out back, I enjoyed a cigar, she her final cigarette. Then we had sex and she decided she deserved another cigarette. This is going to be hard.