Thursday, January 19, 2006

Boxes/"Because I have a penis"

We found a place up the street from where I live. I'm happy with it, but my commute's the same. I'm hoping Aili's cool with it, but all the places we looked at in Burbank were just too flavorless. Then again, Burbank. And so I have twelve days to get all my possissions in boxes yet again, and move less than four blocks. Aili's got two months to burn on her old place and so she gets to be more relaxed about it, but here I am again, staring at blank walls and boxes upon boxes of DVD's. And a slightly annoyed cat.

Speaking of, we have our first "quiet storm" fight where she was talking about money and how she ahd no problem paying for this or that when it came to our new place, and I got really huffity about it. I took me a couple moments to figure out why, and - as I told her - it's because I have a penis. There's just some things a man wants to do, primitive as it may seem, and I like to provide a little for my lady. And this is something that's magnified by our current situation. So I'm going to try to provide what I can for rent and stuff without putting myself in debt just to prove that I can get a hard-on. Or that I'm more than just one.