Tuesday, January 24, 2006


10:41 - Three minutes in, a classic. Opening lame montage to theme song about Video Games, and then gratuitous nudity. Keep drinking, this film may lose its master status.

10:44 - Is this the backstage intruige of how an arcade is run? All those years playing at nickel arcades ignorant of how randy running a quarter joint makes a lady... damn.

10:46 - Pac Man transition! Goofy Monk!

10:47 Fat dude addicted to Pac-Man. Greydon Clark once compared this sequence to the end murders in The Godfather.

10:49 - The Fat man sneezed on a hot dog, and threw it in a girl's cleavage. This sequence recalls the cut scene from Sherlock Jr. in which Buster Keaton accidentally felated a banana.

1o:51 Lazlo Hollfield, Mitchell and Cruiser sharing a frame? Mirrors within mirrors.

10:52 - The fat man farted. God is good and just.

10:59 - Stip video games. Nuff said.

11:00- The great song "Shake it around" with lyrics such as "Shake it around, shake it around, yo baby, yo baby, yo baby... Shake it around, shake it around."

11:01 - Corrine Behrer, how I long for you.

11:05 - The plot machinations have hit their stride - Bufford Pusser is planning to bust up our heroes' arcade. How dare you, Bufford!

11:08 - The geek character is being raped by a sleeping woman... yeah. BY JOE DON BAKER'S WIFE!

11: 16 - Having defeated the sidekicks to Mr. Walking Tall, it's time to Par Tay.

11:17 - In PJ's.

11:18- It's a game of SATAN'S HOLLOW. A game which makes no sense.

11:28 - Blackmail plans to stop Pusser have not yeilded hoped for results. Curses!

11:30 - King Vidiot and Mitchell are plotting to overthrow the arcade!

11:36- the jerking off/joysticks parallel has been made. Thank goodness that was made clear.

11:37 - Mudfight Catfight.

11:44- A final game off! Yes!

11:48 - The hero's fear of videogames is because of a sexual disfunction!

11:51 - Training montage!

11:52 - The tense final game off! Fucking flashbacks!

11:55 - More men being raped, An old man being seduced by Space Invaders.

11:59"Face your fears, play video games!"

12:01 Other brother Darryl! Fears faced! The only possible cherry on top would be gratuitous nudity!

12:02 - Grandpa's back! So's the chick the MC boned!

12:03 - Nerds need to get laid! Recall to sleeping woman into music to fade out credits! And we're good.