Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Of a Lolitian Age

There is a Mexican place across the way from where I'm working. I like their food in that way where it's as much that I go there because it's close as it is anything. As I was walking back to work, two girls of undetermined age (somewhere between 12-15) saddled up near me. Talking loud in that way teenaged girls do. One asked for a piggyback ride to finish getting across the street. Then I had another street to cross. "Push the button, you little slut." I mentioned that I already pushed it. Girls doing what girls do to draw attention to themselves. I look at them. They are very very young. Before I moved here a friend I used to work with described the "Thirteen" phenom as if it were something to be afraid of. Am I too old or too young to look at these girls with anything but a mixture of amusement and melancholly?