Sunday, November 20, 2005

Don't you Remember When You Told MeYou Loved Me Baby?

Tales of Hoffmann
I'm supposed to meet Aili at Amoeba tonight, she's leaving to visit her East Coast friends for Turkey day, and so we're doing dinner and a movie. Our relationship is what it is, you know, and she knows I'd like to have sex with her, but I want to earn it, you know what I mean? And I feel bad about this too. Like if we hit it tonight, will it be pity sex? I hung out with her and Q on Friday. Q and I are back on speaking terms again, and this was our first hangout in a while, so the evening was helladicey for me. Q called me on Saturday to congratulate me about my wife, but he also noted she was cold, even for a European. Even her pretend-affectionate is cold. And I go back to Portland on Thursday, and how often will I pocket the ring? Should I not take it just so I don't accidentally show it to my mom? When does she get to know? I don't want to tell her cause baby talk will come too soon. And how much bragging do I do withmy boys? AllI have is a couple cellphone snaps. This is fun, but running me lightly ragged.