Saturday, November 19, 2005

Christ rhymes with Heist

I was thinking, Guy Ritchie should direct a movie about Jesus. Think about it, the whole resurrection thing is a heist move. Jesus and God gotta fool the peeps around them to do what they want to get done what they need done.

Week one of marriage is sort of weird. I get a lot of attention from my coworkers and friends, calls and such, but then I haven't seen much of Aili. We had a conversation this week, and we're probably going to have to get a place together soon. Sometime around February as we both have to go home for the holidays, and we both have our year leases to get through. We still haven't slept together, but maybe when we move in the magic will commence. She's told me that she wouldn't care if I brought women home, or whatever. How am I going to do that working 54 hours a week, and then coming home to write reviews and screenplays? And yet possibilities keep popping up. Someone from work suggested we have "naked drinks." Maybe that means doing shots.