Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Broken Social Scene

I've been home for about thirty minutes, as I crawled into my apartment. I'm 29 for at least three more months, and I don't know (especially at such a happening show) if I can do the front row thing again.

I made my my way home from work only to get stuck in some nasty traffic, reminding me why later hours (I tend to work from noon on) are so god damned sexy in this town. I got home with enough time to get to my polling location and help crush the govenor's agenda. It felt good too. I then had to drive only a bit to get close to the Henry Fonda theater where the boys and girls where playing. I ended up in line with a couple from San Diego, and we chatted as we waited for the show. Leslie Feist was the opener, and since I tend to collect all things BSS tangential I had heard her album and didn't fall for it. Live, it was much more exciting, and during her set the guy in front of me got her (and her band's) attention by clapping obnoxiously. I still don't think I'll give Let it Die a retry.

I was positioned about a person behind the front, but when they kicked in some aggressive and possibly wasted people pushed their way in front of me. I eventually got some of my footing back, but I wasn't going to fight, and I was likely to be ten years older than much of the audience around me. For their second night in a row, they put on a hell of a set, and Feist and Kevin Drew dueted through three numbers, absolutely killing each time. They had a new girl vocalist, Lisa Lobsinger, and many of their tangential collabatrons (the Metric set, Jason Collete) were not among the collective, though they did have a horns section.

They closed with Track 13, after doing a disco version of one of their songs, and I've never felt so refreshingly exhausted after a show. If I ever get or have the power, I totally want to do my Stop Making Sense with these guys. That is the pipe dream. And in their final song, with fourteen musicians going at once, this rock and roll orchestra, it was god damned closed to being ephinal. Which it might have been had I not been surrounded by so many teenagers.

One the way out, I Wanted to buy a shirt, but they were all sold out. I knew I couldn't grab one pre show (and lose it to the floor), but I did find a hoodie on my way out. I thought about taking it to Lost and Found, but I couldn't find anyone to give it to. I held it up on my way out, but no dice, so I guess I did get my souvenir