Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Couch

So I got off work early today (how you like that), so I'm here enjoying the new King Kong. Sweet. But it's doubly nice, cause I had to take Aili to the airport this morning, and I'm beat. Last night she called and said she needed a ride to the airport, so I made haste over, and she told me I could sleep over. Okay. So I got over around tennish (anyone) and we hung out for a bit even though her flight was at 10 AM and we had to get up at seven. She broke out a bottle of Vanilla Stoli, and we got drunk and listened to some more Talking Heads (the box was in my car).

It's weird, but I keep finding out more and more about the woman I'm married to. I guess married people go through this, but every new facet is dreamy. And there we were singing along to "(Nothing but) Flowers" and there was that moment, us on the couch, feeling comfy, and there was that moment where I knew she wanted me to kiss her. That pause, that delicious pause of the conversation stopping, the tension, the naked sex in the air, and I, well, I fumbled. I let it pass. My wife, I let it pass.

I slept next to her last night. We were both mostly clothed (or that is to say I wore boxer briefs, she a nightie), and I've yet to see my wife naked. Even this morning, I let her get up before me to the bathroom. But as we slept, and I could barely sleep, we spooned for a couple of hours. And there you go.