Monday, March 05, 2007

THIS ENTRY BROUGHT TO YOU BY SEXXXX (the extra three X's are for triple X)

At around 12:01 a.m. The wife emerged. She decided to wear a black wig, with a near Betty Page do. Her face was covered in make up, she did her lips up in bright red, with that outline shit. Her mascara was on. Her eyelids were powdered blue. She wore a black blouse, very tight, and a mini-skirt with nylons and fuck-me pumps. I was watching KNOCK OFF, and she entered the TV room. My wife looked pornographic. She told me not to say anything, but with the week of not fucking, and pheromones being what they are, I must admit I was excited. She unzipped my pants, and began to search in earnest. This had been a coordinated plan of attack. After bending over in my face, she found herself getting on her knees in front of me. She teased me as she moved her hands along my inner thighs. She stared at it, willing it to perform for her.

And then the baby monitor went off. Lee started crying up a storm. It was feeding time, too. Aili had two options, and she went with breast. I went up with her to take care of our kid, but when it was determined that it was a feeding issue, I went back downstairs. Aili came down a couple minutes later. She cuddled up to me and said she tried. Whenever she feeds the baby, I feel like that gives her a boundary of me being sexual with her. Whatever, I don't want to touch her nipples right after she's fed the kid. We fell asleep that way until about an hour ago,when Lee shit himself. When we woke up, half her make up was on my Velvet Underground Banana shirt.

I'm married and I have blue balls. My wife fucking did everything she could to make a special date, and we got fucked. But not literally. Still happy being 31. I'm going to bed.