Tuesday, March 06, 2007

C'mon shorty, it(wa)s your birthday

Quentin Tarantino once said of RIO BRAVO "If I'm serious with a girl I show it to her, and she better fuckin' like it." Sunday I showed BALL OF FIRE to my wife. When she started laughing early on, I realized that I stopped being tense. She loved it, but how can you not? (the only answer to this is: if you have no soul). Still, if she didn't, drama.

Yesterday we got a babysitter around noon. We dropped Lee off with our neighbors, the wife sucked out the milk by ten A.M. and essentially had to admit to our neighborfriends that we wanted some alone time. She started getting dressed around three and around four we finally kicked into gear again, and I got dressed for my wife to drive me around. I normally drive, but she had something planned. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and she was wearing a smoking hot dress, the heels, the make up, the whole thing. She looked stunning. And it was all to take me to the New Beverly to see THE MACK and THE CHINESE MACK. For that my wife is awesome. She also mentioned that I had a "get out of jail free" pass to go to a bunch of these, and said that she wanted everyone to know on my birthday how hot and cool a wife I had.

THE MACK is a fucking entertaining movie, though Tarantino's print is missing a couple of scenes, but all the great lines are in there, like "You hear grown folks talking, you shut the fuck up" or "I'll blow your heart out your body, sucka." Or the tres un-pc "Hey, I don't hafta take this! I'm a rich nigga! I thought you paid these pooh- butts off! You beat walkin' motherfuckers!" The wife fell asleep early on in THE CHINESE MACK, but she woke up for the ending, which has the best death by groin injury scene in the history of cinema. She let me drive us home, and we got back around one-ish. We still had about an hour until I had to mozy over to the neighbors so we were all about a little fool around time, but neither of could stop quoting THE CHINESE MACK's line "Avoid the sins of the flesh!" Turning 31, awesome.