Saturday, March 10, 2007

She smells like Sea sex / Home daddy

My first week of solo parenting has gone well. My sleeping pattern is fucked, but otherwise things are going okay. Wifey gets up around sixish, pumps what she's got, tends, gets dressed and heads to work. I wake up with her for a bit, give polite morning kisses (which I'm not crazy about, but you get used to them as a parent), and then go back to sleep until Lee wakes me up whenever. Usually it's about three hours later. I sit with him, do my work, then we take a nice long lunch break. Generally we go for a walk. We'll see how long that lasts. There's a Ralph's nearby, so we sometimes go there, get stuff. Walkable stuff. Get back, do a little bit more work, cradle the baby for a bit, maybe throw on a background movie, and then Aili gets home around seven-ish. I tend to make dinner these days, and I'm getting better as a cook. We allow ourselves a glass of wine. Aili's gotten better about not smoking, but when she drinks too much, it's always a temptation. But we both have to think about Lee, so that's that.

Today Aili sunbathed in our backyard for a couple of hours. Had the iPod on, did a little reading, and sunned. We are two of the whitest people alive, and I mostly burn, but I think, living in California as we do, Aili likes doing this like I enjoyed being in London in the rain. Lee sat with her.

Back to the married kissing thing. When you're in a relationship for a long enough time, make out sessions tend to dry up. About a month back (and Aili and I, for the most part, don't have that much sex. I'm trying to get used to it, as I've essayed previously, but again TMI) we had sex with very little make out foreplay. And it struck me that we slowed that down. Aili said something that turned me on about it, though, she said that at this point, we're so Pavlovianly that a simple touch can get us in the mood, as it were. But I've insisted we have make out sessions some days I think partly cause I feel like I don't want to lose the excitement of it.
And today my wife smell of suntan oils and perfumes, and I got a sunburn. She laughs at this desire, but indulges it often enough. With her going back to the office now, I hope I don't go stir crazy.