Friday, April 29, 2005

Since I've had a couple of drinks

I'm going to be a little more honest about my relation with Q, especially since a quick googling of my name came up blank in regards to this place. He's a cool dude and all, but half the reason why we're friends is because he's having me write a script for his comeback. I've already been paid five hundred dollars, and my brakes needed looking at, and this may get me in the WGA if his connections at Xenon are as strong as he says they are. We get together for breakfasts on Saturdays and Monday and Thursday nights for dinner. As long as he keeps picking up the bills, look, I know its vaguely whorish, but I can now honestly call myself a paid screenwriter.

His premise is that it's a relationship comedy about a Aztec God who joins up with a blind dating service and the wacky hijinks that ensue. When I told him my forte was writing Distaster films (I don't think I'd want to make movies if it wasn't for the run of mid to late 70's Universal disaster movies like Earthquake and The Hidenberg... when I moved out here I was forcibly removed from Universal Studios because I jumped off the tram on the Earthquake set. I stole some of the faux garbage though, which I've recently had bronzed with the last of my Q money) he said "that's perfect." Unfortunately he keeps asking me to tailor the female lead to Sandra Bullock, and I keep telluing him he'd be lucky to get Penelope Ann Miller. And where I favor a more abusrdist approach to the jokes, he keeps inserting humor that involves homosexuality. At one point he thought it'd be funny if the character he says he can get Richard Roundtree to play ends up buggering his character. I keep telling him man on serpent rape isn't funny, but he won't listen.