Saturday, April 30, 2005

Okay, it gets worse

So I just got back from a four hour breakfast, which also turned into Lunch. Now that I can plug my computer back in on=line, I'd like to share Q's idea for his final soliloquy:

Look, Janie, I love you. And you need
to know some things about me. I'm a winged
serpent. I'm not the Goth rock star I painted
myself to be, and those weren't well done
fingernails, those were my claws.
And I'm not a high powered executive at Sears
and Roebuck, I just clean up the place at
night, and eat the occasional shoplifter. And I
didn't fight in the gulf war. I just snacked
on the dessicated corpses of both the Iraqi and
American dead. But I was hungry.
I was really, really hungry.
And yes, every once in a while I fly around
and kill and eat people, but I have to every
twenty one years, or I'll die.
And yes, relgious fanatics have sacrificed
babies and virgins to me, all of what your
friends said is true. I'm a 3000 year old
serpent monster, but I'm also
a mandragon, asking a girl to the prom.
I've never gone to a prom, they didn't have
proms 3000 years ago. And whereever I've
lived, I've been regarded as a freak,
and a winged serpent. But since you're
blind and all, I thought maybe you,
you, you might understand me. I promise
I won't ever eat you or anyone else you're
close to,but Janie, can I have this dance?

I changed this to:

You want to grab some coffee?
At least I got paid in advance