Monday, April 25, 2005

God read ROTS, and ROTS don't plotz

God: What it is my main man?
Damon: Just working.
God: You want me to call back?
Damon: Nah, I'm cool for a bit.
God: I read the Revenge of the Sith screenplay this weekend.
Damon: I'm sorry.
God: Yeah. Jesus Bit-Torrented it for me. Like, I know stuff is illegal, and all, but whatever, I'm God. I could materialize it if I wanted. But he printed it out on the laser printer, and it was sitting there, so I couldn't help it, if I wanted to.
Damon: You couldn't help it, even if you could?
God: Michael Jackson reference, NICE.
Damon: NICE.
God: Why the fuck do still care about this stuff, Damon. I don't get it. It's shit, man, let it go.
Damon: Fair enough. I just, I guess it's the whole "He got to make the movies he wanted to make with no interference and yet he ruined it with his indifference" factor, which is tied into the whole "there are people who will love these movies regardless of their quality" factor, which isn't a real complaint, but it irks me nonetheless - I guess because there was something to love in there originally, and to have no taste, I find... I hate saying offensive, but perhaps aesthetically offensive. But realistically this is as close as cinema has come to creating it's own mythology, and he's ruined it. Maybe I'll feel better when the original cuts hit DVD, if ever.
God: You've been beating this drum longer than a Jon Bonham solo.
Damon: I guess it's the geek factor, it's the movie EVERYBODY can talk about because all film people and most regular people have opinions on it. . You can't have prolonged conversations about 2046, or Destry Rides Again for that matter. Or even Roadhouse.
God: "I used to fuck guys like you in prison"
Damon: Thanks?
God: So when are you seeing it?
Damon: Some coworkers want to go, so I guess opening day. Otherwise, I think I'll wait for DVD.
God: Really?
Damon: Yeah. I'm not going to bend I don't think.
God: Fair enough.
Damon: Call me tonight, I should be home later.
God: Cool. PEACE!
Damon: Peace out, G.