Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mo Wadja, Mo Problems, Mo Better Blues

Working on the Wadja war trilogy for the DVD Journal. It's so much easier to write about crap, you shit out 500 words and that's that. Here you struggle to sound as interesting and smart as the material. Played poker tonight, playing poker tomorrow, got a party on Saturday night, have one out of the three discs watched, about 700 of 2000-3000 words written, and that's before edits and re-edits (which generally involves me going on my porch to read through what I wrote, pen in one hand and usually a cigar in the other). I guess if I think about it, this means I will be working on this much of Thursday evening and pretty much all of Friday night, and I'll have to leave the party as an option if it comes to that. I also have at least six errands to run between now and the Sunday due date, all of which have been medium to high priorities for a while, but couldn't be taken care of until today. Maybe I'll throw on KANAL in a moment and try and be productive. A month ago, I seemed to have all the time in the world, but my calendar is now filled with activity. Having read a couple blogs, I know that bitching about life is about as interesting as talking about cats, but oh well. I'm sure I'll be more clever tomorrow. At least Izo showed up on my doorstop when I got home from work.

I think the big thing I'm complaining about is that I'd like to sit back, crack a beer and watch The Driver, which has become a big favorite of mine of late, something I've wanted to watch twice within the course of three months (way rare these days, when I watch more and more films once and either sell or file away). I may have time for that next week, or on Sunday, but then I look at the stack on the top of my TV, and think about how I was trying to buy both Primer and Kagemusha today, even though I still haven't made time for the Criterion versions of My Own Private Idaho, The River, or Velvet Goldmine. Or, for that matter, the copy of Greenfish I got from a friend almost two years ago and is still on the top of my TV. That's though the way I roll, I guess.

But, as I always say, having too much time and not enough time on your hands is the exact same thing. I just wish I didn't need around eight hours of sleep a night.